Quick Start Guide

During the development of our API, we paid special attention to the simplicity of working with it. You can quickly integrate the API into your project and it will not take much effort. The API methods are accessed using a simple HTTP request and the response returns in JSON format. In each request (besides other parameters) you need to send your personal API Key %API_KEY% that you received by mail during registration. Available API methods are described below.

Key Terms:
%userId% — the unique numeric user identifier of your site to which the event is associated
%itemId% — the unique numeric identifier of a "subject" (product, film, book, post ..) to which the event is associated.
%API_KEY% — is your API key.
event — User performed action (purchase of goods, browsing news, likes, downloading content)

Log event

Use this method to save statistics when the event occurs.


For example, when a user with ID 4947 purchases a product with ID = 20873 on your website, then you need to do the following request:

Get recommendations for the item

The method allows you to get recommendations for the selected item.


Get all recommended items for the specified user

The method allows you to get recommendations for the selected item.


Get all recommendations

The method allows you to get all available recommendations.


Get API usage

This method returns current statistics on the number of API requests and the remaining limits. Also, you can check your API key usage here.

Have any questions? Tell us about your project, and we will advise you how to connect it.